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the midlogue


yunho <3 hello! im michelle and currently 18 years of age. im not a active community-er cus i don't have much to contribute T-T BUT! im absolutely in love with DBSK/TVXQ [YUNHO ♥]. they are my heart, mind, and soul. i am an avid follower of avatar: the last airbender [ZUTARAxinfinity] and the office [PB&J]. i occasionally draw from now and then and constructive criticism and advice are greatly appreciated! i love POCKY and any other chocolately treat, like those korean mushrooms. actually, one of my life goals is to taste every single flavor before i die >3< yummmmm. And Ben Barnes will be my someday husband BUT Josh Ritter is my forever sweetheart :) I'm a vertically challenged, slightly chubby, Asian-invasion girl filled with uncontrollable hormones B] Now let's be friends.

[ U-Know Yunho ] is my secret eye

<- that would be me in my natural state ♥

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